molly and the mountains
April 28, 2020
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by Lindi Kritzinger

Marlette de Jager (known by many as “Molly” is a professional speaker, with a passion for inspiring people about Living with Resilience and Fearlessly Achieving Goals.

“She engages others with absolute clarity in her thinking and motivates them to believe that what she says is valuable and true.” – Sean Wisedale

For the past decade, Molly had dedicated herself to pursuing her goal of climbing the 7 summits – the highest mountain on each continent.  Her story will invigorate all to have courage in achieving what they are afraid to do, and see how an ordinary person can achieve extraordinary things.  She has inspired corporates, sports teams and large groups of men and women with her high altitude experiences.

To date she has climbed 5 of the 7 summits, and during her second visit to Everest Base Camp, Molly survived the earthquake and avalanche when she and her team were there to climb the world’s highest mountain.

molly and the mountains

“Pragmatic, progressive and persevering are the best words to describe her attitude.” – Sean Wisedale

Molly and the Mountains

Apart from the inspiring stories of high-altitude adventures, Molly speaks from her experiences of Living with Resilience and Fearlessly Achieving Goals.  She offers practical insight on team dynamics like commitment, team work, leadership, followership and her memorable Strategic STEPS to Summit.

“Your presentation was truly inspirational for me…  I may not be a mountain climber but your advise and words keep me going every single day!  Your presentation has given me the strength to get through a lot of my ups and downs!” – Jade Lohan (owner of Rietvlei Soccer Park)

“Warm, open and humorous best describe her personality.” – Sean Wisedale

When not climbing or working, Marlette rides mountain bikes and dirt bikes, and also enjoys quiet time with her family (including her two Jack Russels, Babu and Kutja).

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