Super E-selling Programme 6 Modules:


A 6 week period with online sessions every week with Claire O’Keeffe for 1 and a half hours each, aligned to the e-selling modules

Full Super E-selling Webinar series
From R3,780

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Online welcome, integration and aligning your goals to the ‘new era’ of e-selling

Let’s begin by setting tangible goals for you and your business.

We will unpack targets, and analyse strengths and weaknesses of your sales strategy to date and how to plan to close the GAP.

Essential to knowing where to start your personal and sales journey.

MODULE 2 & 3

Sales Skills

Before we move into understanding and developing digital marketing opportunities and

platforms, let’s learn how to ‘sell’

All of the skills learnt in these modules will be used across all other modules to create

platforms, content, e-mailing, social media and other pieces of your ‘digital toolkit’

  1. Understanding my product offering and unique selling propositions for maximum sales and marketing – The WHY?
  2. Questioning techniques – Understanding how the ability to ask the right questions will help us identify needs and sales opportunities and will assist with cold calling, selling, prospecting and closing
  3. Objection Handling – How to handle every objection you will ever receive and how to change your mind set around objections
  4. The Art of Closing – Closing, talking money and orders and calling for your clients decision as if your success depended on it, it does…


Setting yourself up for E-selling, marketing and Lead Generation

Understanding and maximising your digital and e-selling platforms

Understanding and maximising your digital and e-selling platforms

  1. E-mailing like a PRO
  2. Understanding the POWER of social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  3. Whatsapp for champions
  4. LinkedIn


Making the most of cold calling, client referrals and securing your new and existing business pipeline

  1. Cold calling like a Champion
  2. Your personalised Sales Call Flow Process
  3. Your personalised Call Guide
  4. Your sales pack
  5. How to effectively generate client referrals and close
  6. How to manage and support your existing and new client pipeline


How to prepare for and present effective zoom meetings and sessions

  1. Preparing for zoom meetings
  2. Creating content for zoom meetings
  3. Understanding the keys to effective presentations over zoom
  4. Closing the business and asking for the sale over zoom

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