Whether you are trying to build a stronger management team, create a bond between team members or prepare a team before a major strategic shift or project, we’re want to partner with you help you achieve the goals and outcomes that you want to see.

It’s a journey, and we’re committed to collaborating with you every single step of the way, investing in your long-term success and sustained transformation. Our 5 step process
is built around you – personalised, always innovating, and providing value.

Intervention 1, 2 & 3 – team or individual coaching sessions that are aimed to develop each team member to achieve their maximum potential.



One-to-one or team coaching solutions is a powerful approach to leadership development and focused on transforming individuals or a team to achieve their full potential.

A collective group of high performing individuals does not equate to a top performing team. By creating a shared vision and goals, employees can develop their leadership capabilities which in turn build greater team effectiveness and capacity.

Similar to coaching a sports team, team or individual coaching focuses on becoming aware of your strengths, areas of development and identifying short and long-term goals that can contribute to the vision. Working with each or team, an executive coach can help to overcome limiting beliefs, identifying key values and goals.

Team coaching includes:


  • Clarity around team vision, mission, purpose and values
  • Alignment of team objectives to support the larger organisation
  • Developing deep trust and create a sense of belonging which allows the team to be collaborative
  • Benefits of healthy conflict and stronger team intelligence
  • Shared accountability around team objectives and performance measures
  • Achieving sustainable results by focusing on collective success



45 minute inspirational talk from mountaineer, professional speaker and coach, Molly inspires audiences to overcome fears and face challenges to ultimately live an extraordinary life by talking about the “STEPS to SUMMIT” Strategy.  An excellent tool for all target driven individuals and sales teams.

  • Inspiration & motivation
  • Crisis management
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Facing fears & failure
  • Teamwork
  • Mindset & attitude
  • Resilience

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